\’Days of Future Past: Rogue Cut\’ Confirmed for Summer 2015


Days of Future Past CastThose looking to buy X-Men: Days of Future Past when it arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray next month, may now want to wait until next summer. While a director’s cut of the movie was rumored for quite a while, there’s been nothing official yet. Most people know that they cut a huge action scene with Rogue out of the movie, and now it’s been confirmed that we’ll get to see the scene as part of the movie in the “Rogue Cut”.

Variety got confirmation from Simon Kinberg that the “Rogue Cut” will be out next summer and will include more than 10 minutes of additional footage:

“It’s a big chunk, a substantial part of the movie,” Kinberg said of Paquin’s storyline as Rogue. “We want to give (fans) the fullest picture of the film — behind the camera, and in front of it,” with the “Rogue Cut” and provide “more of the process we went through” to make the film.

“Every movie has scenes that are cut out, but not every movie has scenes cut out with such a beloved character,” Kinberg added.

From that it also sounds like the “Rogue Cut” will include additional special features that aren’t on the theatrics cut disc that comes out in just a couple of weeks.