Marvel Will Produce Canon Star Wars Prequel-Era Comics


Jar Jar BinksDespite some crazy people hoping and dreaming that the Star Wars Prequels would be made into non-canon “Legends” status, more and more evidence is coming out that Lucasfilm wasn’t lying when they called the Prequels “immovable objects of canon”.

The latest piece of evidence that these “Prequel haters” will ignore is the revelation that Marvel plans to use the Prequel era for their new comics, which now exist in canon. Marvel revealed this to the Coffee With Kenobi podcast:

“As for other eras, yeah, that is one of the great parts about Star Wars, there are so many terrific points in their history we can explore,” White said.

“With these first series, we wanted to stick all in the same era in order to create the sort of inter-connected universe feel we get between Marvel books,” he said. “But I am certain we’re going to be turning to those other eras in future series. “Heck — I know for a fact we’re working on at least one of those … but we’re not ready to announce it just yet.”

If they’re already working on at least one, there’s a good chance it could be announced at New York Comic Con next month. There’s also a very good chance it could be a Clone Wars-era comic based on one of the un-produced scripts from the final seasons of the show that weren’t made, much like Dark Horse’s Darth Maul series that just ended.