Rumor: Shatner and Nimoy in Star Trek 3?


Spock and KirkIn the original JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot, there was meant to be a cameo for Shatner at the end of the movie. It would’ve been nothing more than a holographic birthday card to Spock where Shatner’s narration would play over the final scenes, but it was cut before filming and it became legend that Shatner refused to appear (he didn’t).

Now Badass Digest has heard that both Shatner and Nimoy are needed for Star Trek 3, and this time its a cameo that’s integral to the plot:

I have learned that the script for Star Trek 3 includes a scene that reteams Shatner and Nimoy onscreen as Kirk and Spock for the first time in canon since 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It would be a pretty huge moment for fans of the franchise, and likely the last time we’ll ever see Shatner as James T. Kirk in official continuity.

Will it happen? The movie is still a ways out from shooting, but unlike the cameo intended for 2009’s Star Trek this appearance is plot-driven and integral enough that it might just survive any future revisions. And if it does, will Shatner – who can be prickly – agree to the appearance?

Our take is that as Star Trek 3 is meant to come out during the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, it would make a lot of sense for Paramount to want to re-team Kirk and Spock on the big screen one last time. Based on that, the chances of this happening are pretty goo.