\’Deadpool\’ Writer on PG-13 or R: \’No One Knows Yet\’


DeadpoolWhen Fox recently announced the Deadpool movie, fans were immediately worried about what it would mean for the very hard-R script that leaked online a few years ago. Despite Rob Liefeld saying that the script has been re-tooled for PG-13 (something the director apparently backed up), but that apparently isn’t the case at all.

One of the Deadpool writers took to Twitter to say that no one knows what the movie will be rated just yet:

Hey, guys, no one knows yet whether Dpool will be R or PG-13. There may not be an announcement for a long while. Hang in!

— Rhett Reese (@RhettReese) September 22, 2014

Is it just an attempt to diffuse the PG-13 anger, or does Deadpool still have a chance of not being butchered?