Why the Episode VII Producers Likely DIDN\’T Order a \’Drone Shield\’


Episode VII Drone ShieldOver the weekend a story came out that the Star Wars Episode VII producers attempted to order a “Drone Shield” drone detection device to try to stop all of the GoPro quadcopters from taking pictures of the filming Greenham Common in the UK.

The story originated on Vice’s Motherboard site, and went viral from there because obviously if it’s a funny story about JJ Abrams getting mad at people busting open the “Mystery Box”, it has to be true. Except this appears to be nothing more than an elaborate marketing ploy by the DroneShield company to promote their wares. And it appears to have worked because everyone is talking about them.

There are some very solid reasons why it probably wasn’t the Star Wars production team that ordered this “DroneShield” and this company is just trying to capitalize on all the drone photos of the Star Wars set:

  1. DroneShield cannot ship their products to the UK. Why would the Star Wars production waste money on a product they’d never receive in the first place?
  2. Even if they could ship it to the UK, the outdoor filming at Greenham Common would be done by the time they received the device. No one is flying drones over Pinewood, so again it would be a waste of money.
  3. They paid for the thing via PayPal. I’ve worked for a company that has sold security devices to studios and production companies and 100% of the time they pay via a credit card. A multi-million dollar Disney production would not use PayPal to pay for a security device. However if you were going to fake an invoice, PayPal is the way to go…

Everything is pointing to this being just a marketing attempt by DroneShield to cash in on the Star Wars hype. It’s likely not the last company who will do this as the most anticipated movie of all time is being filmed.