See Odo\’s Half-Removed Face


Odo Goodbye

Of all of the characters and story arcs in Deep Space Nine, Odo was probably my favorite. Originally the character didn’t know where he came from, but then he learned his people were the ones who would wage a destructive war against the Alpha Quadrant? That’s the sort of character development you didn’t see Star Trek, even after DS9 ended.

Rene Auberjonois was interacting with fans on Twitter when the subject of taking off the Odo face came up, and he tweeted this very creepy image of what Odo’s face looks like as it’s being peeled off:

.@rmolot @bobbybobby420 Here's me taking off Odo's face – ra

— Rene Auberjonois (@reneauberjonois) September 22, 2014