Warner Brothers is Planning a \’Suicide Squad\’ Movie


Suicide SquadBatman V Superman, Justice League, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and now Suicide Squad. The latest movie in DC’s upcoming cinematic universe has been revealed, and it’s the super villain group Suicide Squad.

Variety is reporting that Warner wants “End of Watch” and “Fury” director David Ayer to helm the adaptation, and the movie already has a producer and script ready to go. It’s not known when the movie will fit in with the other DC cinematic universe releases, but there sure are a lot of open release dates for them to choose from.

It’s also not known what the team makeup will be. With Marvel just announcing Deadpool, and Deathstroke (and the Suicide Squad itself) such a huge part of the Arrow series, will Slade Wilson make the cut? What about fan favorite Harley Quinn? Could Warner risk leaving her out? Black Manta, the Aquaman villain, is a likely sure-fit especially with Warner planning an Aquaman movie.

This is all still early, so there’s plenty of time for more about the movie to come out…