The Deadpool Movie is Finally Happening – February 12, 2016!


DeadpoolIt’s happening, but as of yet we don’t know in what fashion it will happen. Not long after a CG test reel from Deadpool leaked on the internet, Fox appears to actually be planning the movie. But will it be the R rated hilarity the script demands, or will it be butchered and sanitized for PG-13?

Fox has revealed that they plan to release Deadpool on February 12, 2016. No other details are known yet, and it’s not known if Ryan Reynolds will play the character or not.

I’m sure Rob Liefeld is over the moon that his most popular character is hitting the big screen, but if it doesn’t use that hilarious script that leaked online what’s the point? The character, and script, demands a hard R. You cannot pull off that sort of humor and over-the-top violence with a PG-13.

Hopefully Fox realizes that.