Why Flash Thompson Could Be Venom in the Movie


Agent VenomWhen a Venom movie was announced by Sony, people immediately began to speculate as to what Venom the movie would focus on. Not counting Parker in the black suit, there have been three other characters to wear the symbiote in the comics. The original is Eddie Brock, but then there was Mac Gargan (The Scorpion) and most recently Flash Thompson.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Alex Kurtzman fueled the fire of speculation even more:

Did you have an easy choice as to which incarnation of Venom, which guy under the symbiote skin, you want to go with?

I would not say it’s an easy choice. I would say that there are quite a few things about Venom that are interesting. Venom had several different iterations, and there are several things that are very unique, interesting and specific. And so I think we all want to make sure that we’re making the right choices for a character that’s so beloved.

While some people who are unfamiliar with the comics are immediately thinking that it’ll be Eddie Brock, there are some good reasons why it could be Flash Thompson.

The biggest reason is because Eddie Brock doesn’t yet exist in the Amazing Spider-Man cinematic universe. Sure, they could invent him and introduce him in the movie, because that worked out so well in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Yet on the other hand, Flash Thompson already exists in this universe, and was established as the familiar jock he is in the comics.

Another huge reason they could go with Flash is because due to Agent Venom’s popularity, he has become THE Venom in all aspects of Spider-Man. Marvel recently introduced the Flash Thompson Venom in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and in the comics they’ve made him a member of Guardians of the Galaxy and the focus of a major storyline this October.

That, and because the Flash Venom has been the most interesting version of the character who has the most storytelling possibilities for a movie. Those who just know Venom from Hot Topic T-Shirts and the like probably don’t know how one-sided the Brock Venom really was in the comics.

Just based on the momentum of the Flash Thompson Venom, and Kurtzman not committing to what version of the character will be in the movie, it’s a bit premature to place your bets on Eddie Brock…