A Theory on \’Stormtroopers\’ and \’Rebels\’ in Episode VII


Adam Driver Episode VIIOver the weekend more photos leaked out of the filming at RAF Greenham Common, and this time they featured people who looked a lot like Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie. Based on the rumors that have been flying around about those characters, why would they be wearing what looks like Rebellion clothing? Unless it’s just JJ Abrams messing with people taking pictures, it plays into one theory that’s been growing more plausible as time has gone on, and it’s one rooted in established Star Wars canon.

In the Prequels, which are unmovable objects of canon, it was established that at one point the familiar white and black “Stormtroopers” were the soldiers for the good guys. Sure, they began as clones, but over the course of Episode II, The Clone Wars, and Episode III they gradually evolved to resemble the Imperial Stormtroopers we all know and love from the Original Trilogy.

For twenty years between Episodes III and IV, these clones-turned-Stormtroopers were the soldiers for the Galactic Empire. But what if after Episode VI they return to being the soldiers for the good guys?

It’s a question I posed on a recent episode of Now, This is Podcasting! pointing out that the Stormtroopers went from being good, to bad, and then possibly back to being good in Episode VII. We know that there are normal white and black Stormtroopers in Episode VII, but also some black troopers with chrome highlights. And we’ve heard of concept art showing the white troopers fighting against the black & chrome ones. It’s very possible that the white troopers are again the Army of the Republic, while the black & chrome ones are what’s left of the Empire.

The pictures this weekend of the people who resemble Driver and Christie has only fueled this theory even more. They appear to be wearing Rebellion clothing, and we know that John Boyega was on set as well. All the rumors point to his character being connected to Christie’s in some way (rumor is she’s his commanding officer), and if they’re in the same spot filming it’s possible that the Empire we remember from the Original Trilogy is now the ragtag band of fighters scraping to put together whatever they can in the on-going war with the Republic.

Of course this is all a theory, but this is the fun time in the production of a Star Wars movie. Where bits and pieces leaked from the set are put together to form theories as to what they mean.