Another Crazy Episode VII Rumor Dead: Sheamus Is NOT Darth Vader


Darth VaderOne crazy Episode VII rumor that was flying around a few weeks ago was a whopper that WWE wrestler Sheamus would be playing Darth Vader in the movie. Perhaps the only thing he has in common with Star Wars is that he is very tall, and they were filming Episode VII in Ireland, but beyond that the rumor made no sense.

JediNews.UK found an article via The National where Sheamus squashes the rumor:

“That was crazy,” he said. “Basically I went home to Ireland and the crew were filming quite close to me at the time, then all these mad rumours started flying around. I definitely haven’t received a contract, a helmet or a lightsaber yet, but who knows? It might come through the door. I hope it does.”

Some people (myself included) thought the whole thing could’ve started from him being in Ireland while they were filming there, and that does appear to be the origin of the rumor. Now if sites (such as Yahoo) would just stop spreading that insane rumor that there is a Death Star in Episode VII…