Did Lucasfilm Reject the 4K Conversions of The Original Trilogy?


Empire Strikes BackLast month the internet began buzzing when Reliance MediaWorks showed on their website that brand-new 16bit 4K transfers of the Star Wars Trilogy were created. Not long after that, a Lucasfilm publicist tweeted an image that appeared to be Skywalker sound working on a new sound mix for Return of the Jedi.

Now a new rumor has popped up saying that the 4K transfers were rejected and will not see release. MakingStarWars has heard from sources that say exactly that:

Since last Friday, I have heard from two disparate sources that the word is those conversions are not going to get a release. That’s the rumor.

Is it common to pay for a 4K conversion and then decide it isn’t adequate enough? I have no idea. It sounds expensive. This is far from my field of expertise.

If you’re really disappointed, remember, these weren’t even announced beyond Reliance Media Works using the footage in their demo. So if the rumor is accurate, don’t feel like something was taken from us. I have to think if it was shelved, that means they care about doing it right.

Jason also mentions very credible rumors of an iTunes release. Before you go dancing in the streets blinded by nostalgia in the hope of it being the unaltered Original Trilogy, that won’t be happening. The upcoming iTunes release will likely still be the Special Editions.