The Spectre Cast in NBC\’s \’Constantine\’


DC Comics The SpectreI really hope NBC’s Constantine doesn’t fall victim to the Friday Night Death Slot. Even though Hannibal did well in the 10:00pm Friday night slot, genre shows generally die pretty quickly there as their target audience are out doing things at that time. T

That looming threat of death doesn’t seem to be stopping DC with the supernatural series, as Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Emmett Scanlan has been cast as Det. Jim Corrigan. Comic fans will recognize Corrigan as the future Spectre from the comics.

The addition of the Spectre to the series shows that the show really will explore the wider supernatural DC universe. Dr. Fate’s helmet appeared in one of the Constantine trailers, so there’s a chance we’ll see DC’s version of Doctor Strange pop up at some point. Does that mean Zantana, Deadman, or even Swamp Thing are possibilities as well?