No, Star Wars Isn\’t Secretly Racist


Han DerpIt’s a dark time for film blogs who rely on Star Wars click bait to finance their expensive Mondo poster collections. Likely due to the number of leaks that happened a couple of Fridays ago, the Mystery Box has slammed shut cutting film blogs off of juicy Star Wars scoops that they need for a lucrative traffic bump. As such they’ve resulted in trying to stir up any sort of Star Wars controversy that will being them hits.

The latest facepalm-inducing bit of desperation is a video created by (and linked places such as Slashfilm) that asks the question if Star Wars is secretly racist.

Obviously this is a such stupid question that doesn’t deserve an long and drawn out response, but it’s a good opportunity to bring up an alternate version of Star Wars that we may have seen. In the excellent J.W. Rinzler “Making of Star Wars” book, he explains one possibility:

“There was talk at one point about having the princess and Ben Kenobi be Japanese,” Crittenden recalls, “which led George into thinking Han Solo might be black.”

“This was actually when I was looking for Ben Kenobi,” Lucas says. “I was going to use Toshiro Mifune; we even made a preliminary inquiry. If I’d gotten Mifune, I would’ve also used a Japanese princess, and then I would probably have cast a black Han Solo. At the same time, I was investigating Alec Guinness.”

If he had cast the film with Japanese actors (and a black Han Solo), the entire thing would’ve been made with Japanese dialog with English subtitles.

By calling Star Wars secretly racist you’re also calling George Lucas racist as he created the whole franchise. These people are so blinded by the Star Wars traffic bump that their controversial click bait causes that they don’t live in reality.

So for those people who think that George Lucas is racist, I’ll just leave this picture of George and his wife Melody here:
George Lucas and Melody Hobson