First Look at the Tomorrowland Prequel Comic


Before TomorrowlandOriginally scheduled for release this Christmas before being moved into Star Wars’ original May 22nd release date, Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland will also be receiving a prequel comic. As Damon Lindelof is also involved in the movie, the prequel comic will explore the “rich and detailed” history they’ve concocted for the movie. And yes, that means there will be Lost-style mysteries that will likely never be resolved.

Tomorrowland fansite Tomorrowland Times found the above image from an artist who was working on pages, and it matches up with Tomorrowland’s ARG that features famous people of history in a secret society called Plus Ultra. Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells, Mark Twain, and even Walt Disney himself are members of this society and the above art shows a meeting of Plus Ultra.

The Before Tomorrowland book will be released on April 7th, which is more than a month before the movie hits theaters.