Jurassic World Will Have Lego Sets and a Lego Video Game


Jurassic WorldTwenty years ago, when the original Jurassic Park was released, licensed LEGO sets weren’t really a thing yet. Star Wars was the first licensed Lego property, and the first set didn’t hit stores until 1999. Years after Jurassic Park and two years after The Lost World. Also back then Lego wasn’t as aggressive in securing licenses for their building block sets, which meant we never got a true Jurassic Park one.

Lego tried their hands at creating their own Jurassic Park brand with their Dino setting that was out a couple years ago, but with the release of Jurassic World next summer we’ll see real Jurassic Park Lego sets and a video game.

JurassicWorld.org received a leaked Toys R Us memo the lays out all of the plans Universal has for the reboot next summer:

DVD/Blu-Ray possibly releasing November 10th, 2015
PG-13 rating
Lego confirmed
Lego Jurassic World video game contract in works

Mercedes, Hilton, Samsung, Coke, Just Born, Kellogs and Thinkway Robotics confirmed as partners
T-Rex at Times Square New York’s Toys R Us will be updated to coincide with release. It will be a PR event with possible cast appearances
“T-Rex Territory”- a potential dinosaur head Photo-op location to be distributed to major TRU stores
Possible augmented reality campaign (similar to what Wal-Mart had for the Avengers)
During its first two weeks, movie theaters will distribute a park map/”passport” for a Toys R Us sweepstakes
Interactivity via QR codes
Toys R Us, the weekend of release, it will be known at T-Rex Takeover
Will be advertised at Kid’s Choice Awards and Superbowl (likely via Trailers/TV-Spots)
“Expected to be bigger than the original”

With the addition of Jurassic Park Lego sets, along with all the new Star Wars ones Episode VII will bring, 2015 may be the year that Lego finally bankrupts its fans.