The New Star Wars Canon Begins Today

A New Dawn

A fitting title for a new beginning to the canon.

When Lucasfilm announced the death of the old convoluted and confusing Star Wars canon hierarchy a few months ago, you’d better believe the reaction was mixed.

On one hand many people were happy as the old canon system, which put the movies as the only true canon and everything else as lesser levels of canon, was annoying to keep track of and lessoned the impact of the books, comics, and video games. Why get so invested in the books when they really didn’t matter in the end? On the other hand, Expanded Universe devotees decided that Lucasfilm stabbed them in the back as they are so invested in the licensed fan fiction.

Today that all changes as the new canon officially begins with the release of John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn.

Set six years before the start of Star Wars Rebels the book shows how Kanan and Hera join up to fight the Empire while explaining a bit of Kanan’s history with the Jedi. Unlike all of the previous EU novels, this book (and all the ones that follow) actually matters and is 100% canon. That means the characters and events in the book are officially part of the overall Star Wars storyline that right now only consists of all six movies (sorry Prequel haters) and The Clone Wars television series.

Now you can read the Star Wars novels and comics without feeling like they’re a waste of time. It all matters now, as the new canon has begun.