Why Marvel isn\’t Promoting \’Big Hero 6\’


Big Hero 6This November Disney will be releasing their first animated feature film based on a Marvel property. While people hoped and dreamed that Pixar would do a Marvel adaptation, that part of Walt Disney Animation Studios generally does original stuff, so it was Walt’s Disney Animation that became the first to tackle Marvel. But despite the Marvel connection you won’t see the Marvel logo on the movie and Marvel won’t release tie-in comics to promote it.

Marvel’s Editor in Chief Axel Alonso explained to Comic Book Resources why:

“The characters and stories that have appeared in our comics are very different from what they are in the film. Releasing material that would be viewed as movie tie-in product would be a disservice to filmgoers. We wanted the Disney folks to be able to create their own unique style and story, unencumbered by those older stories.”

The reason for this is because Disney basically took the name of the comic and the character names, but made everything else original.