Stan Lee Confirms Marvel is Working on a Black Panther Movie


Black Panther Fan Art LogoJust like Doctor Strange before it, the upcoming Black Panther movie seems to be one of the worst-kept secrets inside of Marvel Studios. There have been whispers of it before, and apparently Wakanda plays a pretty big part in Age of Ultron with the country being the origin of the Vibranium that Ultron needs to badly. And now Stan Lee pretty much confirmed that Marvel is working on the movie.

Comic Book Resources has a rundown of Stan’s panel at this weekend’s Fan Expo in Canada, and this is what he had to say:

“We haven’t made a Black Widow movie but she’s been in some of our movies, and she will be featured more prominently as we move forward,” Lee said. “And the chances are she will have her own movie because eventually all the superheroes are going to have their own movies. They are already working on Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and the Black Panther and there are others I am not allowed to talk about.”

As Doctor Strange is coming in July 2016, and T’Challa’s kingdom is introduced in Age of Ultron, it wouldn’t be shocking to see a Black Panther in one of the 2017 Marvel release dates.