Guardians of the Galaxy is Officially 2014\’s Highest Grossing Movie


Guardians Drax and Groot

They’re just like Kevin Bacon.

The movie that was dubbed “Marvel’s first big bomb” before it released is now the officially the highest grossing movie of 2014! Ever since Marvel announced they were doing a movie based on Guardians of the Galaxy back at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con there has ben an unending stream of negativity from “experts” (everyone from comic shop owners to Hollywood trades) that screamed how Marvel was “shooting themselves in the foot” for making a movie about characters no one knew.

These people obviously forgot how Iron Man wasn’t really a household name in 2008 right before that movie became a massive hit and launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This Labor Day weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy was once again #1 at the box office bringing its domestic total to $278.8 million. That means it has surpassed Marvel’s other movie this year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to become the #1 grossing movie of 2014. Adding in international grosses and the movie is at more than $500 million total.

Unless something like Hunger Games or the third Hobbit movie becomes an insane hit, which is doubtful, it looks like the Guardians will reign supreme as 2014’s biggest movie. Not bad for a flop, huh?