The Leaked Episode VII Stormtrooper Photos Were Taken at Pinewood


Episode VII Pinewood Studios

A couple of weeks ago when actual photographs of Episode VII Stormtrooper helmets leaked online, there were naturally certain people who love to debunk everything and of course called them fake. Now new evidence has come out that shows that the photos were actually taken at Pinewood Studios, where Episode VII is being filmed, and even the date the photos were taken. loaded the photo onto their iPad and thanks to Location Services were able to see where and when the photo was taken:

When you take the original photo we released and put it into an iOS device, the location services activate, showing the photographs were in fact taken at Pinewood Studios. Can that be faked? I don’t know. I suppose anything can be faked. Also worth noting is that the artwork that was recently leaked does not have location services enabled and do not yield the same results (which doesn’t mean the pieces are fake, just that I checked so don’t bother). This might help sway the skeptics just a tad, or maybe not at all. I had the idea to put it on my iPad and then look at my photos from various locations and it worked, revealing the photo was in fact taken at the location sources claimed it was.

Here’s the map showing where the photo was taken:
Stormtrooper Pinewood

Hopefully this evidence will silence some of those people who were screaming that the helmet was fake because they just can’t accept that there are Stormtrooper or an Empire in Episode VII…