Gossip Column Claims Wesley Snipes is Making Blade 4


BladeAbout a year ago everyone learned that Marvel had regained the film rights to Daredevil, The Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Blade from the companies that previously held them. Daredevil is being made into a new Marvel Netflix series, but right now it appears as if the other three are on something of a hiatus.

Obviously New York gossip columns didn’t get the memo, as today the one in the NY Daily News claims that Wesley Snipes is making a Blade 4:

Confidenti@l has learned Wesley Snipes is set to reprise his lead role in Blade, the 1998 vampire thriller that made more than $130 million and generated two sequels. Sources close to Snipes tells us the 52-year-old actor’s comeback after being released from prison in April 2013 (after serving two and a half years for tax evasion) is “looking good” and that he’ll make $3 million from this film, plus a cut of the profits.)

We’re going to have to call BS on this one for now. Marvel doesn’t seem interested in another Blade movie right now, and there’s no way the Disney-owned Marvel could produce an R-rated superhero movie with the brand they’ve successfully created over the last six years in theaters.