Could Lando Be in Star Wars Episode VII After All? (Possible Spoilers)


LandoThis week’s episode of Now, This is Podcasting! has been released, and even though it’s been a slower week for Star Wars Episode VII scoops there was something of a bombshell dropped at one point during the podcast.

Jason of dropped a pretty big scoop about how Lando may show up in Episode VII. He appeared in the Michael Arndt draft of the script, so he could have been cut out when Abrams and Kasdan re-wrote the movie, but the scoop describes where, when, and how Lando appears in Episode VII.

As it’s a spoiler, we’ll hide the specifics behind white text:

At the end of the movie as the heroes are fighting the villains on a planet, things start to turn bad for the good guys. Suddenly the hero fleet arrives in orbit to save the day, and the person commanding the fleet? Yup. Lando!

Again this information comes from the Michael Arndt draft of the movie, and as everyone knows a lot likely changed between that and the Abrams/Kasdan script they’re filming. So it could still happen, or it could have been discarded during the re-writes. But if it’s still there it’s a big spoiler, which is why we decided to hide it behind white text.

I sure hope it’s still there, as that’s an awesome way to bring him back when people don’t expect to see him.