Traumatizing Images of Doctor Doom From the Fantastic Four Reboot Leak


Doctor Doom

Fox will never give us the Doom we deserve.

I would like to apologize for even linking to these images on this site, but it would be a disservice to fellow fanboys if they went into Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” without being prepared for how their memories of Doctor Doom will be trampled on.

Yesterday images of a green-screen fight in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot leaked, and they gave us our first look at yet another horrible film adaptation of Doctor Doom. If you thought they couldn’t possibly do any worse than the Doom in the Tim Story movies, think again. Based on these images, the Doom suit in the unreleased Roger Corman movie from the 90s remains the best live action representation of the character.

As we don’t want another nasty threat from Fox over showing how crappy their movie will be, we won’t host the images here. But ComicBookMovie has them on their site, so you can click here to have your eyeballs abused.