No Jokes Allowed in the DC Cinematic Universe?


Goddamn BatmanThere’s a rumor going around today that’s causing all sorts of doom and gloom predictions from film blogs, while comic book readers are seeing it as par for the course in the never-ending Marvel vs. DC fanboy wars.

Hitfix has posted a rumor that Warner Brothers has enforced a “No Jokes” rule for the entire DC Cinematic Universe. McWeeny speculates that this comes from the bad reaction to “Green Lantern”, but also makes this comment:

DC treats their superhero characters more like gods, fighting battles that we simply can’t comprehend or participate in because of our natures. Even Batman, who has no superpowers, is treated like he is a legend, an icon that he’s nurtured as a symbol of fear. Marvel characters are more flawed, more human, struggling to live human lives while still dealing with their powers and their responsibility to the world. And if DC finds a way to try to play their films on this larger, operatic, hero-as-myth level storytelling, I’d be excited to see that. I’d want to see that.

While the article says the “No Jokes” policy gives Marvel an edge, virtually everyone who has ever read both Marvel and DC comics are wondering why this is news.

DC has always taken their characters more seriously. While in the past characters like Booster Gold were used as light comic relief, and more recently Harley Quinn has become something of DC’s Deadpool, generally speaking DC has always been the serious one of the two comic publishers. Marvel always seemed like they were just having fun, while DC treated their characters with a bit more weight.

I can see where people who don’t read comic books would think a “No Jokes” policy in the DC Cinematic Universe would be strange, especially after the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but for a comic reader it just means that the DC movies will feel like the comics they are inspired by.

Having Batman cracking jokes while curb-stoping some goon to the sounds of an 80’s hit just wouldn’t be Batman.