Donald Glover Cast as Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man


Community Spider-ManAsk most Spider-Man fans about the origin of Miles Morales and they’ll tell you that they believe it came from a season 2 episode of Community where Donald Glover was wearing Spidey pajamas. While Bendis claims Miles was based on his kids, his comments after that episode of Community aired makes most people believe that he based the idea of Miles Morales on Donald Glover, and that’s now the accepted origin of the character.

And now Donald Glover will be playing Miles Morales.

USA Today has revealed that Glover will voice Miles in an upcoming episode of Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series:

The cartoon Miles is very close to the comic-book version: The 13-year-old is still getting used to being a superhero when he meets the dimension-hopping Peter (Drake Bell), who’s trying to stop his old nemesis the Green Goblin from collecting the DNA of various Spider-Men — from Spider-Man Noir to the porcine hero Spider-Ham — for nefarious reasons.

It’s an emotional moment for Miles, though, because in his world, Peter is dead.

“He meets someone who is his hero, and that comes across completely in Donald’s performance,” says Stephen Wacker, a former Spider-Man editor at Marvel Comics who’s now vice president of Marvel Television’s animation division. “He’s got a real warmth that suits the character really, really well.”

The storyline sounds similar to the recent “Spider-Man” crossover where Peter travelled to the Ultimate universe to meet Miles. The episode will air later this year.