About Those New Episode VII \’Big Bad\’ Rumors (Possible Spoilers)


Emperor PalpatineOver the weekend, Latino Review struck again with another rumor about who the big bad in Star Wars Episode VII would be.

The thing is, it’s not a new rumor. In fact, it’s virtually the same rumor the site posted a year ago. They were just regurgitating the rumor for some quick Star Wars hits this weekend and everyone fell for it and made the rumor go viral.

This rumor is that Emperor Palpatine didn’t really die when Vader threw him down the Death Star shaft right before the station exploded into tiny bits in orbit around Endor. We saw this rumor last year, but we didn’t run it because we knew it wasn’t true. MakingStarWars explains:

I should note, however, that when Latino Review ran the ghost rumor a year ago, someone very important at Lucasfilm contacted me to say that the story was not accurate in any way. This person wouldn’t lie to me, so I am of the mind set the original report wasn’t accurate.

There’s even more to it than that. Back when Latino Review originally ran the rumor, they had a Star Wars fan working with them that they would filter their “scoops” through. They really don’t know anything about the franchise, so they “hired” someone to work with them to see what rumors they got were true.

When this Palpatine rumor came through their email, they gave it to this person who checked with their sources and came back with a negative on its validity. As Palpatine in Episode VII would give Latino Review major traffic, they ignored their Star Wars person and ran the rumor anyways…more than once actually. This weekend was actually the third time it appeared on their site.

After their warnings were ignored by the people running the site, the Star Wars fan quit leaving them on their own in regards to the validity of their rumors.

Prior to the final season of The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni told a convention that George Lucas said that the Sith cannot come back from the dead and cannot be Sith Ghosts. That right there killed Latino Review’s previous rumor of a Palpatine Ghost, so them bringing up this rumor again is a bit puzzling.

Most people accept that there is still an Empire in Episode VII. Where there is an Empire, there is an Emperor, but it’s not necessarily Palpatine. As the Roman Empire had more than one Emperor during its time, so would the Galactic Empire. Thus this could just be people who don’t quite “get” Star Wars, hearing about an Emperor in Episode VII, and immediately thinking it’s Palpatine. Just like the film blogs who heard of an “snow planet” and immediately said it was Hoth, which we know now it isn’t (Hoth has no forests…).