Spielberg Producing a \’Minority Report\’ TV Series


Minority ReportIn the early 2000s, Spielberg was on a SciFi kick. In addition to A.I. and War of the Worlds, Spielberg directed the 2002 adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story Minority Report.

Now The Wrap says that Spielberg will be producing a television series based on Minority Report, and it’ll likely focus on the PreCrime police unit that was the center of the movie. They say he’ll likely try to cast a big-name actor in the lead like he did with Halle Berry in Extant.

I really loved the Philip K. Dick version of the story, and the twist Spielberg took with the ending in the movie was great and perfect way to give it a new ending for those who were familiar with the story. Hopefully the series lasts longer than the last futuristic cop show, Almost Human.