The Rock Confirms He\’ll Play Either Shazam or Black Adam


Shazam Black AdamJust prior to San Diego Comic Con last month, Dwayne Johnson was dropping some heavy hints that he’d be playing Shazam. In one interview he said he’s be playing a character with the power of Superman and you just had to “say the word”, and then after that he tweeted out a picture of Shazam.

No announcement came at SDCC about who he’ll be playing for DC, but now there’s word via the AP (on USA Today) that he has confirmed that he is going to be playing either Shazam or Black Adam. He just hasn’t decided between the hero or the villain.

Back when the speculation began about who he could be playing in the DC Cinematic Universe, Black Adam was high on the list. The Shazam movie hasn’t yet been announced, but it could be one of the movies Warner is preparing to announce soon.