Could Flashbacks Appear in Episode VII After All?


Flash Gordon Star WarsLast week a rumor popped up that we’ll see our first Star Wars flashback during a sequence explaining the history of the villains in Star Wars Episode VII. Star Wars fans were skeptical because the franchise has never used that story-telling device, and just last month at SDCC there was a Rebels panel where people remember hearing that flashbacks aren’t something Star Wars uses. It turns out people remember that panel with selective hearing.

Pablo Hidalgo answered this selective hearing via a post on his Facebook where he explains what he really said at that panel:

Looks like the Del Rey SDCC panel is up on Youtube. I will, as usual, stay the heck away from the comments, but I understand my quote about flashbacks has really fueled a lot of discussion about projects outside the subject matter of this panel. So at 4:20 mark (heh heh), what I said was, “But one of the conventions, as far as Star Wars storytelling goes, AT LEAST AS REBELS, is we don’t do flashbacks.” So there you go. Continue to debate endlessly.

The clarification that the comment only applied to Rebels leaves the door wide open for a flashback scene to appear in Episode VII, which will be a first for Star Wars.