\’Fanboys\’ Director Kyle Newman Defends Lucas and the Special Editions on Twitter


Empire Strikes Back Special EditionThis weekend a rumor has been going viral on the internet that claims Disney is prepping the original, unaltered, version of the Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-Ray. The rumor is basically regurgitating things that has been speculated about for the last two months including the new 4K 16bit restoration of the trilogy, and the fact that Skywalker Sound has been working on a new sound mix for the movies.

With this rumor putting Special Edition and Prequel haters into a frenzy, “Fanboys” director Kyle Newman took to Twitter to unleash a defense of Lucas and his improvements to his movies. Unlike Gary Whitta, Newman has been a long-time defender of both the Prequels and Special Editions, and has put on really good arguments in support of both.

Here are his tweets from this weekend about the Special Editions:
Kyle Newman Special Edition Defense