Film Blog Repurposes the Episode VII Inquisitors Story, Claims it\’s New


Episode VII InquisitorThose who follow Star Wars Episode VII spoilers and news will remember all the drama that happened back in June when broke the news that the villains in the movie would be “Jedi Hunters”, or Inquisitors like the main villain in Star Wars Rebels. We talked about the rumor here, and it also caused a huge controversy when Eric Gellar of went out of his way to debunk and discredit

Today, film blog Latino Review took’s Inquisitor scoop from June and ran it as their own with the headline: “EXCLUSIVE! Star Wars Episode VII’s Villains Revealed!”. When a Star Wars scoop has been posted months ago by another site, it’s neither new or exclusive.

I’m looking forward to the day that Latino Review pieces together that Darth Vader is also in Star Wars Rebels and calls that scoop “exclusive”. Especially as it’s something that’s been talked about on Now, This is Podcasting! recently.