Batman\’s Age in Batman V Superman Revealed


Ben Affleck BatmanLast week a rumor came out that said Batman would be in his 50s in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. As with anything relating to Batfleck, the idea of an older Batman immediately caused people to freak out online and proclaim that the movie was doomed to failure. Now we know how old Batman really will be in the movie, and he’s a bit younger than the rumor said.

The Asbury Park Press has an interview with Batman producer Michael Uslan where he reveals how old Bruce Wayne will be in the movie:

“We’ve been through this I don’t know how many times already,” Uslan said. “Every time a director makes a creative, out-of-the-box-thinking decision on casting, it tends to get this. I remember even the ‘Iron Man’ (2008) guys got it on Robert Downey Jr. initially.

“Of course, we got it intensely when another genius, Chris Nolan, chose Heath Ledger to play the Joker (in 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’). And it was a huge outcry: ‘How can a guy who just played a gay cowboy (in 2005’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’) play the Joker? You’re going to destroy the greatest villain ever, this is going to be a laugh.’

“So, this has happened time and again, and it happened with Affleck. To go back to the original thought of Bruce Wayne in his mid-40s, I think he’s going to be extraordinary.”

So he’s not quite at the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns age just yet. Still older than Superman, but not so much that he needs a Bat-Walker just to get around.