Guardians of the Galaxy Shatters August\’s Box Office Record With $94 Million


Guardians of the GalaxyLooks like every one of those predictions of doom and gloom for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was way off. In the months prior to its release all you heard from Hollywood trades and film blogs was that the movie was a big risk for Marvel, people don’t know the characters, it has too much humor, and because of all that it would end up being Marvel’s first big bomb.

They must be living on Bizarro World if a $94 million opening is considered a big bomb.

Guardians’ massive opening shattered the August record previously set by The Bourne Ultimatum. It’s also the third-highest opening of 2014 after Transformers’ $100 million and Captain America’s $95 million. This comes after Guardians set the highest Thursday night numbers of the year.

Maybe Marvel could push Doctor Strange to 2017 so we could get the Guardians sequel in 2016.