\’Guardians\’ Beats \’Winter Soldier\’ For Top Late-Night Opening of 2014


Yondu Guardians of the GalaxyIt’s “risky”. It looks like a television show. It has characters no one knows. It’ll be Marvel’s first bomb. Every attempt from Hollywood trades and film blogs to install fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the minds of audiences to torpedo Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy may have fallen flat.

The movie pulled in $11.2 million dollars over its evening and late night screenings last night, beating out Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s 10.9 million and becoming the biggest late-night opening of 2014. Nearly $2 million of Guardians’ total came from IMAX screenings.

If it keeps at this pace over the weekend, and it’s expected to based on reviews and positive word of mouth, it looks like it will be smashing that August box office record. Not bad for a movie that was doomed to fail, huh?