What\’s the After-Credits Scene in Guardians of the Galaxy?


The Collector

As it’s a spoiler, we hid it with white text…

Last week we let you know what the mid-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy will be, and now we know what the coveted after-credits scene is. While some people have hyped themselves up to seeing Richard Ryder (Nova), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), or even Adam Warlock introduced in the scene, it’s none of that. Aside from Adam Warlock’s cocoon in The Collector’s collection, none of those characters appear in Guardians of the Galaxy in any way.

Before the hidden spoiler text about the end credits scene, this is what James Gunn had to say about it:

Oh we have a post-credit sequence for you! Oh, do we ever! Yes, well we are connected, first of all we are connected…because of certain characters…but we have a post-credit sequence that’s all our own! That in all honestly we have just been doing the past few days so I think it’s going to be a great deal of fun for people. You don’t even want to know what it is! Pure joy, pure joy, that’s two words!

So if you want to know what this “pure joy” is, highlight the text below:

When we’re first introduced to The Collector in the movie you can see Howard the Duck directly above his head if you look quickly. The Collector’s collection is blown up in the movie, so the end credits scene is him sitting in the burning ruins while Cosmo comes up and starts licking his face. Over his shoulder he hears someone asking him why he lets the dog lick his face, and the camera pans to reveal Howard the Duck standing there.

As I didn’t falsely build my hype expecting a character like Nova or Captain Marvel in the scene, I think it’s pretty awesome. However as a friend mentioned to me on Twitter today, it’s kind of funny that this character now appears in two movies before Wonder Woman has appeared in one…