Marvel Files a Trademark for \’Squirrel Girl\’


Squirrel GirlShe may not be a household name, but much like the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel’s Squirrel Girl has her share of fans…especially on the internet. And now it looks like she may be headed to the screen in some way.

Bleeding Cool has found that Marvel has registered a trademark for “Squirrel Girl”. As they point out, Marvel usually only registered a trademark for a character (or team) when they are planning to use them in a television show or movie.

They speculate that Squirrel Girl could show up in the Jessica Jones show (simply because Jones appeared in a few issues along with Squirrel Girl as a nanny), while it could be possible that she’ll be the first female lead in a Marvel movie. Imagine the rage from the people hoping for a Captain Marvel movie when Marvel does a Squirrel Girl/Howard the Duck team-up instead…