Guardians of the Galaxy Could Set an August Box Office Record


ThanosMarvel fans have been hearing a lot of abuse towards Guardians of the Galaxy ever since it was announced. Prior to this month all people could say about the movie was that it was “risky”, it would be Marvel’s first bomb, or it looked like a TV show. Now that people have seen it, and it’s holding at a 90+ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, people are changing their tune.

We’ve heard previously that Guardians was tracking for a $60 million opening, but now it sounds like it’ll be much larger than that. Both The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap (two trades very guilty of labeling the movie as “risky”) are eating a lot of crow today as it’s looking like Guardians could pull in $65 to $70 million this weekend.

If it manages the higher number, and it absolutely could, it would become the highest grossing August opening of all time.