More Evidence of a New Star Wars Blu-Ray Release?


ROTJ Speeder Bike Chase

Is Lucasfilm working on a new Return of the Jedi sound mix?

We’ve known for a couple weeks now that Lucafilm commissioned a new 16-bit 4K restoration of the Star Wars Trilogy by the same studio that did the restorations for the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. Could they actually be working on a sound mix for this new 4K print for a future release?

One of Lucasfilms’ publicists tweeted out this image today, and it’s from Skywalker Sound where it appears as if they are working on a sound mix for Return of the Jedi:

Skywalker Sound Return of the Jedi Mix

If they were just re-releasing the existing Blu-Rays, they probably wouldn’t need to do a new sound mix. If this is really sound work being done on Jedi, it’s possible this could be for a Blu-Ray or Theatrical release of the new 4K prints…