US House of Representatives Edits the \’Reptilian Alien\’ Wikipedia Page


V AlienRegular listeners to Coast to Coast AM are familiar with David Icke’s theory that many of the world leaders are actually reptilian aliens in disguise. It may sound like a plot line out of V, but enough people believe it that there’s actually a Wikipedia page for Reptilian Aliens.

Obviously people see it as something that only UFO conspiracy theorists would care about, right? Well I guess the US House of Representatives takes it seriously enough to edit the page and say that the allegations that reptilians are ruling the world have no basis in reality:

US House Aliens

Why would the US House of Reps bother editing an Alien conspiracy page?

The IP address that did the edits resolves to, so it’s someone in Washington DC on the House’s computer network making the edits.

Even funnier is if you look into the other pages that person edited. They include other popular conspiracy theories such as HAARP, Skull and Bones, assassination conspiracy theories around the death of Princess Diana, and Moon Landing conspiracy theories (specifically stuff about Cuba).

The question is, why would they edit these pages? Wouldn’t it be best just to let them fester in the dark reaches of the internet…unless there’s some truth to them.