See a Glimpse of Thanos in an Extended Guardians of the Galaxy Clip


Thanos Guardians of the Galaxy


If you weren’t able to make it to Marvel’s 17-minute IMAX preview of Guardians of the Galaxy, a very heavily edited version of the footage has come online. It’s only four minutes, and it has been slightly censored with Star-Lord’s flip off again covered up like in the trailer. There are also other minor edits such as Rocket doesn’t ask for the guy’s leg while setting up the escape, and the lead up to the whole escape is shortened quite a bit.

The biggest part of this clip is that it gives us our first official look at the Mad Titan, Thanos. It’s during Gamora’s line-up scene where they explain that Thanos is her adoptive father and it has a small image of him on-screen.

You can check out the whole clip here: