\’The Flash\’ and \’Arrow\’ Will Crossover in a Two-Hour Event

Arrow The Flash

A big two-hour crossover will happen between DC’s biggest series

We’ve known for a while that there would be crossovers between The Flash and Arrow, and they sort of already have with Barry Allen showing up in Season 2 of Arrow, but now there’s confirmation of exactly when the big crossover will happen.

According to TV Guide, the 8th episode of both shows will be part of a big crossover event:

“Episodes 8 of both shows, Arrow and Flash, are going to be a two-hour crossover event,” Kreisberg says. “[Also], in Episode 4, Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is going to come to The Flash.”

Even bigger news? The producers said that between the two shows they’ll have half of the Justice League on television this season…