Vision\’s \’Age of Ultron\’ Origin is Close to the Comic Origin


The Vision

Vision will look like the comic version, and he’ll have the same origin.

While Ultron’s big screen origin will be quite different than what comic fans know, Tony Stark creates him as opposed to Ant Man, it seems like Vision’s origin will be much truer to the comic version.

The new Entertainment Weekly is hitting newsstands now, and /Film got their hands on a copy and found out what the origin of The Avengers’ android is in the movie:

…the Vision, a synthetic, superpowered human designed by Ultron to show he has the power to create life too. (Did we mention Ultron has major daddy issues?) The Vision will be portrayed by Paul Bettany, who has already been a part of the Marvel movie universe as J.A.R.V.I.S., the Siri-like artificial intelligence who serves as Tony Stark’s laboratory side kick.

Is that casting coincidental, or can we assume that Ultron uses J.A.R.V.I.S.’ consciousness for spare parts in the Vision-ary experiment? Whedon takes a deep breath. We’re in spoiler territory. “It’s not coincidence,” he says, then declines to elaborate.

The article also says that Ultron creates Vision to show that he too can create life, which is pretty much what Vision’s origin was in the comics.