What\’s the \’Thundering\’ New Title Marvel\’s Announcing on The View?



Could “thundering” refer to Thor’s new sister?

Marvel put the attention of the entire internet on them today by announcing that tomorrow morning they’ll be revealing a “thundering” new title on The View at 11:00am Eastern. While people are speculating it could be a new movie, it’s more likely this is comic-related due to the “title” wording in the announcement. What could the title be?

As The View is almost exclusively viewed by women, there are a couple of theories as to what it could be:

Angela: The “thundering” word was heavily used in the announcement, which leads some to believe we could be seeing a solo Angela book. After a stint in Guardians of the Galaxy, she’s now been revealed to be the half-sister of Thor (and Loki) via Original Sin. Marvel’s really been shoving the character down our throats, so it’s possible it’s related to her.

Storm: At the same time, thunder could refer to Storm. The problem with this is that the solo Storm book is old news. It was announced months ago and is coming out next week. It’s possible they’ll be talking about it there, but it really isn’t a new announcement to keep secret and a big deal about. Although with the book a week away, it’s a strong possibility they’re going to use The View to highlight it.

Jessica Jones: Finally there’s a thought that Jessica Jones could be seeing a new solo title. She’s going to be part of Marvel’s Netflix “Defenders” group with her own series there, and in the comics she’s been a part of Mighty Avengers due to her marriage to Luke Cage. A new solo title for Jessica Jones would be smart to debut prior to the Netflix series beginning.

Whatever they’re unveiling we’ll know for sure tomorrow morning after the episode airs.