Please Stop Hinting at an Episode VII Reveal at SDCC (It\’s Not Happening)


Star Wars Episode VII

Episode VII isn’t at Comic Con this summer. Stop hinting that it will be.

I know people and their blogs are desperate for any sort of Star Wars news, but it’s time to accept that Lucasfilm was telling the truth when they said Episode VII would not be at San Diego Comic Con this year. Last week Lucasfilm made an official statement on the official Star Wars site to manage expectations and avoid negative press from sites hyping up a reveal that won’t actually be there, yet some people still think they are lying and they will make a surprise reveal. The reality is that there’s no panel where this could happen.

The full programming schedule has now been posted for this year’s San Diego Comic Con and if you look at it you’ll notice that aside from the Star Wars Rebels and book panels, Lucasfilm has no presence at the show. The panels are also in a small room (7AB), these aren’t huge Hall H panels where they would make any sort of big reveal.

But that doesn’t stop film blogs from acting irresponsibly and fanning the flames of hype like this tweet from a Slashfilm writer:


This sort of speculation is irresponsible for a blog to do…

There is no panel where the above could happen in Hall H. Lucasfilm has no time in that room, and Disney also doesn’t have a big panel at the show this year. Despite movies like Big Hero 6 in the fall and Tomorrowland in the old Star Wars release date next May, the studio has opted out of presenting anything at Comic Con this year. The closest thing to Disney having a panel in Hall H is Marvel’s big presentation on Saturday night, but Lucasfilm wouldn’t barge into that. Marvel’s time is packed with their Marvel TV presentation, the Phase 3 lineup, Ant Man footage, and the Age of Ultron trailer.

Lucasfilm’s big focus at SDCC this year is Rebels. The series will be debuting in just a few months, and they’re going all out with the marketing for it, which will really kick off at the con. There will be plenty of time for Star Wars Episode VII, as the movie will be present at three huge events next year: Star Wars Celebration in April, San Diego Comic Con in July, and Disney’s own D23 Expo in August.