Fake Batman V Superman Trailer Fools the Internet

Batman V Superman

It’s a little early for even a teaser trailer…

Following the drama surrounding the fake Batman V Superman script, there’s now a fake trailer going around. Just based on reactions on Twitter, it’s even fooling some of the same people who were fooled by that fake script.

A couple quick reasons why this trailer is completely fake:

1. The production companies. Legendary is no longer with Warner Brothers (they’re with Universal now) and are no longer involved in the DC comics movies. Syncopy is Christopher Nolan’s production company and he has no involvement in Batman V Superman. The movie is being produced by Dune Entertainment and DC Entertainment

2. The Batsuit is the Batman Begins suit, and the closeup of Batman is Christian Bale from that movie. As everyone knows, he’s no longer Batman.

Still it’s a cool fake, and if you want to check it out here it is: