Why Lucasfilm Says Star Wars Episode VII Won\’t Be at San Diego Comic Con 2014


Star Wars Episode VIIThis week Lucasfilm released their official schedule for San Diego Comic Con 2014. While some had hoped that Lucasfilm would be announcing the title at SDCC, the company tried to make it very clear that Episode VII would not be featured at this year’s convention:

With Star Wars: Episode VII creators deep in production in anticipation of the film’s December 18, 2015, release, Lucasfilm will not be featuring the movie at SDCC.

Despite this, some film blogs have tried to spin the “not featured” language into Lucasfilm lying about the movie’s presence at the convention. They’re doing this to help further false rumors that have zero basis in reality, and doing so isn’t being sensible about handling Star Wars Episode VII rumors and speculation.

There is a very good reason why Lucasfilm came out now to tell people that Episode VII won’t be at SDCC. People trying to say that Lucasfilm is misleading people, and Episode VII will be there, completely forget what happened with the 2013 D23 Expo in Anahiem.

Prior to that convention, the official Disney schedule listed “Lucasfilm” as one of the presenters at the big Live-Action Studios panel on Saturday at the Expo. Once the Saturday tickets sold out, Disney quietly removed the Lucasfilm mention from the schedule. As you could expect, the backlash was epic with people roasting Disney/Lucasfilm over coals for not showing something they had originally advertised.

Going into San Diego Comic Con, Lucasfilm is being smart and jumping in front of any hype to try to diffuse and manage expectations. For film blogs to claim that Lucasfilm is lying to you and telling you the movie will be at SDCC (when it won’t be) is very irresponsible.

The first convention to feature a big Episode VII presence will likely be the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim next April. Until then, Lucasfilm’s focus is Star Wars Rebels, which their SDCC schedule shows.