The Pacific Rim Animated Series is Set Between the Movies


Pacific RimFollowing the Pacific Rim: Year Zero graphic novel, many were hoping the upcoming Pacific Rim animated series would be a prequel to the movies set during the Kaiju Wars. According to a new interview with Guillermo del Toro, that won’t be the case.

Speaking to Collider, del Toro says the series will bridge the time between Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim 2:

“We are right now in the middle of talking and negotiating with a few Japanese companies for the animation. We are talking to a couple of showrunners that have a strong animation background, [we’re] casting the writers room. What’s great is it’s a great set-up and a link between the first movie and the second movie. It really enhances the mythology of the characters; we have cameos of characters from the first movie, but mostly it’s a new set of characters. New jaegers, except for one or two, [and] new kaijus. It’s really fun.”

He also confirms that he wants the show to be one lone story arc like an anime series, as opposed to self-contained stories in each of the 13 episodes.