Guardians of the Galaxy\’s Yondu is Officially Revealed



We finally get to see Yondu!

While we got a very quick glimpse of him in the new extended trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, today Yondu has been officially revealed by USA Today.

The site includes two new photos of him (above and below), and includes some information on how the character differs from the original from the comic. James Gunn wrote the role of Yondu just for Michael Rooker, and this is how he fits into the movie now:

Yondu raises Peter alongside the Ravagers, an outer-space biker gang of sorts usually up to no good, and as an adult, Peter schemes with Yondu to steal a mystical and powerful orb.

But Peter grabs it and goes off on his own, which leads to Yondu and the Ravagers chasing him and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy as the misfit heroes also try to keep the orb out of the mitts of space villain Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace).

This explains why in the Disney 9-minute preview Korath accuses Star-Lord of wearing “Ravager garb”. Here’s the other new pic of Yondu form USA Today: