DC Reverses Their Decision on Child\’s Memorial Statue


Man of Steel Ending

DC being nice to kids makes Superman happy.

Yesterday DC Comics was facing some very negative PR when they denied the request to allow a memorial statue for a murdered child to use the Superman “S” shield. What a difference 24 hours of internet rage can make on such a decision.

The Toronto Star, who broke the original story, has received a statement from DC Comics where they say it’s now OK to use the logo on the memorial:

“DC Entertainment uses a flexible set of criteria when we receive worthy requests such as this, and at times have reconsidered our initial stance,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“After verifying the support of appropriate family members, DC Entertainment will be allowing the Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Statue to feature the Superman ‘S’ shield.”

If you head over to the Toronto Star story you can see a picture of what the statue will look like.